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Mastering the ADI Standards Check with GP Instructor Training

Essential ADI Standards Check Training for Driving Instructors
Are you a driving instructor approaching your ADI Standards Check or recovering from a score below 31? GP Instructor Training, led by driving instruction expert Guy Pennington, offers targeted training to ensure you excel in all 17 competencies of your lessons. This training is crucial for those seeking to maintain or improve their standing on the ADI register.


Understanding the ADI Standards Check
The ADI Standards Check is a critical evaluation conducted by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to ensure driving instructors meet the national standard for driver and rider training. This check is more than just an assessment; it’s an opportunity to showcase your ability to teach effectively and adaptively.

Booking Your ADI Standards Check
As an Approved Driving Instructor, you’ll receive a notification from the DVSA to schedule your ADI Standards Check. This can be easily done online and is free of charge. Remember to have your driving licence number and ADI personal reference number handy.

Preparing for the Standards Check
For the ADI Standards Check, you must bring:

Your ADI registration certificate.
A suitable car.
A pupil for the driving lesson assessment.
The ADI Standards Check Procedure
During the check, a DVSA examiner will observe a normal driving lesson you conduct. The focus will be on your adherence to the national

standards for driver and rider training, covering three key areas:

Lesson Planning in Driving Instruction
Risk Management in Driving
Teaching and Learning Skills
Each of these areas encompasses several competencies, with each being scored from 0 to 3. The total score will determine your grade, discussed with you post-lesson.

Deciphering Your ADI Standards Check Results

Your performance will be graded as follows:

0-30: Fail – Indicates unsatisfactory performance.
31-42: Grade B – Qualifies you to remain on the ADI register.
43-51: Grade A – Reflects a high standard of instruction, securing your position on the ADI register.
Automatic failure occurs if you score 7 or less in ‘risk management’ or if the DVSA examiner deems the lesson unsafe.

If You Fail the ADI Standards Check
You’ll have two additional attempts to pass. Failure to pass after three attempts will require you to retake the ADI tests to rejoin the ADI register.

Why Choose GP Instructor Training for ADI Standards Check Preparation?
Led by Guy Pennington, a renowned figure in driving instructor training, GP Instructor Training provides personalized, comprehensive preparation for your ADI Standards Check. Our program ensures you’re well-equipped to display exemplary teaching strategies and risk management skills, vital for every driving instructor.

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