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Terms & Conditions

GP Instructor Training is operated by Guy Pennington 35 Wendon Road Baguley m23 1pt, DVSA Approved Driving Instructor Grade A 50/51 – 333660 

It is the aim of GP Instructor Training to offer good quality, expert training sessions tailored to each individual trainee.  However, in order to provide this service, the following terms and conditions must be agreed with and adhered to:

1.             Agreement with the Terms and Conditions.

1.1.            A copy of these Terms and Conditions will be provided to the trainee prior to or at the start of their first lesson.

1.2.            Where a PDI has been supplied with a copy of these Terms and Conditions and continues with training sessions, this is deemed to be acceptance of the Terms and Conditions. 

2.             Compliance with the Driving Instructor Training (ORDIT) Code of Practice

2.1.    The Instructor agrees to comply with the Code of Practice for The Official Register of Driving Instructor Training (ORDIT)

3.             Legal Requirements of the Trainee (PDI)

3.1.            The PDI must hold a valid driving licence for the category of vehicle being driven, this must be shown at the beginning of the first lesson and the trainee must inform the Instructor of any changes to that entitlement.

3.2.            Be over the age of 21

3.3.            Have had a full licence for that category for at least 3 years

3.4.            The PDI must at all times be able to read in good daylight (with glasses or contact lenses) an old-style number plate from a distance of 20.5 metres or the new style number plate from a distance of 20 metres.

3.5.            The PDI must ensure that they are fit to drive and not under the influence of alcohol or drugs whilst on a training session.

3.6.            Any PDI who takes medication must check that the medication does not affect the PDI’s ability to drive. Where the medication being taken does affect the trainee’s ability to drive the PDI must contact the Instructor to reschedule the training session.

4.             Training Sessions

4.1.            All training sessions will start and finish from the agreed meeting address unless the PDI advises the Instructor in advance.

4.2.            Any changes to the start/finish location must be discussed with the Instructor in advance to allow for diary management.

4.3.            If the PDI is late for the scheduled lesson the Instructor reserves the right to finish the lesson at the arranged time and charge for the full lesson

4.4.            Whilst every care is taken to ensure that the PDI receives tuition at the scheduled time, all appointments are made on the understanding that the Instructor accepts no liability for the postponement of lessons due to mechanical breakdown, Instructor illness or any unforeseen circumstances.

4.5.            Where training sessions need to be cancelled and/or postponed by the Instructor there will be no charge to the student and the Instructor will endeavour to reschedule the training session as soon as possible.


5.             Prices

5.1.            Training sessions are priced as follows:         1 hour – £30         2 hours – £60         Part 1 Package – £129         Part 2 Package – £350         Part 3 Package – £1100         Full Course all 3 Package – £1500         Monthly Payment Package – £175 Per Month for 9 months (£1575)


6.             Payment

6.1.            All Training sessions must be paid for in advance by one of the following methods:         Bank Transfer         Pay Pal         Payment in Cash to the Instructor in the car immediately prior to the training session.


7.             Cancellation Policy

7.1.            Any PDI wishing to cancel a scheduled training session must give the Instructor at least 48 hours notice to enable the Instructor to offer the training session to another trainee.  

7.2.            Unfortunately, where less than 48 hours notice is given the training session will be charged for in full.  This payment will be due in advance of the next scheduled training session or taken from pre-paid training session.

7.3.            Where training sessions have been pre-paid, any cancellation made prior to 48 hours of the scheduled lesson will be refunded or rescheduled without charge.

7.4.            If you would like to cancel a pre-paid training course any lessons taken would be charged at the full training session rate of £30 per hour and anything outstanding would be refunded back. For example, PDI pays for Part 2 training course 12hrs £340, PDI has taken 6hrs of training charge at £180 (£30 per hr) total to be refunded £160.  


8.             The Practical Driving Test

8.1.       Any PDI wishing to use the Instructors vehicle for the Part 2 and 3 tests must consult with the Instructor prior to booking the test to ensure that;

8.2.       The Instructor and the vehicle are available for the practical driving test.

8.3.       The Instructor reserves the right to refuse the use of the Instructor’s car for Part 2 and 3 tests if the Instructor believes that the PDI has not reached a satisfactory standard.

8.4.       Practical driving test fess are payable directly to the DVSA.

8.5.       The PDI is responsible for ensuring that all documentation required for the Part 2 and 3 tests are available for examination by the examiner and is up to date and valid.  

8.6.       The PDI will be required to take their driving license.  Full details of all documentation needed can be found on the Gov.uk website. 

8.7.       Any PDI wishing to cancel or reschedule their Part 2 and 3 tests must inform the Instructor as soon as possible.  The cancellation policy detailed in paragraph 7 will apply if the student fails to advise the Instructor more than 48 hours prior to the scheduled test date and time.


9.      Data Protection

9.1.       Whilst taking training sessions with GP Instructor Training it will be necessary for PDI records to be kept. PDI records will consist of personal data, such as name, date of birth, address, and contact details.  It may also be appropriate to keep details relating to a trainee medical condition(s).

9.2.   All personal data will be kept under the control of your driving instructor trainer working under the GP Instructor training name and will only be shared with a third party where there is a legal requirement to do so. For example, in the unlikely event of a PDI being involved in a road traffic incident it would be necessary to share the PDI’s details with a third-party insurance company.

9.3.   In any other circumstance, a PDI’s information will not be shared with a third party unless the PDI provides consent for your instructor and GP Instructor Training to do so.  For example, to allow selected partners to contact a PDI about products and services offered by them.

9.4.       GP Instructor Training will use a PDI’s information to contact a PDI in respect of services and products supplied by GP Instructor Training and payments which relate to those products and services.

9.5.       Where student success stories are shared on social media sites, and gp-instructortraining.co.uk consent will be sought from the PDI prior to sharing.  If consent is not provided by the PDI, success stories will not be shared.

9.6.       Any PDI wishing to see their personal data held by GP Instructor Training should make a request to the Instructor and the personal data shall be made available to the PDI without delay.

9.7.       Once a PDI has ceased to use the services of GP Instructor Training the PDI’s personal data will only be kept for the purposes of accounting and will be destroyed as soon as possible there after. 


10.  Complaints

10.1.   Where a PDI is unsatisfied with the service provided by GP Instructor Training, that PDI is invited to discuss the complaint with the Instructor or to communicate the complaint to the Instructor in writing by text message, email or letter.

10.2.   All complaints will be reviewed and responded to in writing within 5 working days.

10.3.   If the PDI is still not completely satisfied with the outcome of there complaint they can take the matter further by contacting the training organisation.

Write to DVSA if you can’t settle matters with them yourself.

ORDIT Secretary

Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency

The Axis Building

112 Upper Parliament Street




11.  Amendments

Amendments to terms are subject to Instructor’s discretion

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